Tedd Anderson is an artist based in Durham, NC. He grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin and received his BFA in Painting from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His practice focuses on obsessive mark-making and intuitive, unplanned drawing.

Tedd makes intuitive, unplanned drawings that act as meditations on anxiety and grief.  Obsessive mark-making, erratic color palettes (or lack thereof), and gratuitous control over pattern and design function as an expression akin to suffocating under thirteen down blankets; blankets laid on with each headline, every wildfire, all those glaciers sweating, each whisper from a dead loved one, every piece of plastic driving towards the great Pacific trash island, each gallon of water sold from the great lakes, each “presidential tweet.”  Drawing acts as a mitigation of this modern terror. Tedd integrates text and figures within these drawings; said figures express a fear of oblivion while meditating on the absurd, often hilarious state of human existence. A big drive in Tedd’s work is melodrama: the exaggeration of emotion to the point of humor. Tedd embraces the moment when the heartfelt eulogy is laughable in the drunken aftermath of a funeral.

Tedd turns the helplessness of a solipsistic retreat from this cacophonous age of anxiety into a driving force through drawing.  We all need to get through this scary head space somehow. Drawing is his way.

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