Tedd Anderson is an artist based in Durham, NC. He grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin and received his BFA in Painting from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His practice focuses on obsessive mark-making and intuitive, unplanned drawing.

Parsing through the cultural desert of suburbia often seems like a grasp at a split second within a flashy commercial. My work intuitively pieces together the meaningless with the meaningful. With this voracious appetite of insatiable consumption, we tear through useless advertisements to discover a single instance of clarified inspiration. Like a midwestern casserole, my drawings are layered with mystery-meat patterns, gooey mark-making, savory color palettes, and high-carb text. The meaningless begins to marinate wonderfully with the meaningful. By exploring consumer culture through a bloated lens, I create imagery that is oversaturated with improvised conclusions.

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